Start of the fight : 13/11/2018

For the Marine Spatial Plan of 2020-2026 the Federal Government of Belgium approved a proposal for an island in front of the coast of Zeebrugge and Knokke-Heist. There are also rumours that it would also create some kind of canal for fluvial shipping along the coastline which would be destructive for the local tourism sector and the local economy. The concerned ministers promote it as a test island to “protect the coast” for the 1000 year storm.

The problem is a lack of transparency of this project. The government approved a plan for a project proposal, not yet the project itself. Obviously, this will affect water quality, surfing and water sports conditions. A dutch engineering firm has evaluated the proposal also, and marked it as non-viable.

A public consultation on the MSP finished on the 28th of September and for that thousands of signatures where already raised against the plan. The current mobilisation focuses on getting this proposal out of the MSP, which would be the first goal. However if a public consultation is launched to validate the project of an island, we will to take further action.

The common goal is for this island not to be put in place. Our Defenders are from the Surfrider Belgian Coast Chapter, notably Peter and Antoine (Antoine was elected in the board of the local government).

Chronologie des faits

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