We are a global community that work together to ensure clean, healthy and accessible coasts for ourselves and future generations through local action.

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Our commitment

Together we – Surfrider Coastal Defenders – act to protect our playgrounds. As a collective we take back control by forming a tight worldwide community consisting of members, experts and volunteers in action.



We can’t give up and have our next generation not know how beautiful the sea once used to be. Our coasts are under severe pressure from human impacts. Marine litter dumps, chemical and bacterial pollution and inappropriate developments have been occurring for way too long and that’s why in 1992 Surfrider Foundation Europe launched this movement to respond to urgent threats.



So far our work, balanced between consultation and local action, has made numerous wins. But, every day we are facing new challenges that are taken up by thousands of small organisations, communities and individuals ready to take action against coastline and ocean degradation. They need support! We are stronger together, by joining the Surfrider Coastal Defenders, we’ll form a united network fighting for the same cause.



Welcome! We are so glad you want to save the coasts too. There are different ways you can help out by becoming one of our members, experts and by taking direct action – this powerful combination is the strength of our community. But most importantly, we need insight. If you see coastline that needs saving, report it to us for expert analysis and we can start taking action.

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Barcelona, Spain

  Surfrider Foundation Europe partnered with Alianza Mar Blava to fight 7 oil companies supporting a major research project named...

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In progress

Le Havre, France

The landfill of Dollemard is slowly releasing its 13 000 truck loads of waste into the English Channel. Now is...

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In progress

Porto, Portugal

Matosinhos is the second beach in Portugal most used by surfers. On weekends, more than 500/1000 surfers use this beach....

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