Start of the fight : 02/04/2012

Closing date of the file : 04/04/2012

Fight won by : Aline

At the beginning of April 2012, several people alerted us to the presence of bleached plant life in the cove of Corton in the village of Cassis.

To understand this phenomenon, Surfrider immediately contacted its expert network, and in particular a marine biologist.

We discovered that they were Coralline algae, whose fronds are covered with calcareous deposits and which had bleached in the sun due to the anticyclonic conditions of the previous days. This had led to barometric tides and a much lower water level than usual.

Le Gardien


April 2012:  Observation of bleached flora along the coast in Cassis.

April 2012: A few days later, the same bleached plants are spotted in Marseille during the routine bathing water sampling.

May 2012: Thanks to the expert knowledge of a marine biologist, we are reassured that we are dealing with a particular type of calcified algae, or coralline.

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