The 2014 Keepers of the Coast report is out!

2014 was an active year for the Keepers of the Coast and it ends with the publication of the annual report. Particularly focused on climate change, it offers an insight on five of our fights that are directly linked with the theme of climate change. And it also offers of course a presentation and a summary of our actions.

You can found an online reading version of the report following these different links :

In english, french or spanish,

Or directly download them (in pdf format) with these ones :

In englishfrench or spanish.

2015 is going to be a turning point for the Keepers, a lot has begun in 2014 concerning climate change and the role of the oceans within the climate machine. The Paris COP21 (next December) will be the opportunity to reaffirm our network’s determination on an national and international scale with fights like oil prospects into the Mediterranean or off the coasts of Canary Islands, these ones are concerning us all ! But also fights relating to litter, water quality, maritime transport, artificilisation, that are close to us and crucial as well !

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