legitimate dialogue

Public participation is a laudable process, but it can turn out to be futile if it’s biased from the outset. Participants can sometimes have very high expectations, only to find that in fact everything has already been played out behind the scenes. It all depends on HOW MUCH LEEWAY IS LEFT TO THOSE INVITED TO PARTAKE: will they have an equal say, or at least some influence, in the decision-making process? Or will they be confined to the role of spectators in an information meeting (or worse, a promotion campaign) in the guise of public participation? The level of participation should be clearly announced from the outset, depending on the objectives of those organising the dialogue. To what extent will people be willing to listen and reach a consensus?


What are the different levels of public engagement? What are the different dialogue possibilities?

By clicking here, you find our study report on the challenges of public participation facing climate change which provides answers to these questions.