Oil drilling in Baltic sea

Save Schwedeneck! We say “No” to license to drill on the protected coast of Eckernfoerde Bay (Western Baltic Sea)

Drilling for oil right in a nature reserve? Pipelines and industrial plants in internationally protected biotopes? And all this with the blessing of an environment minister – Dr. Robert Habeck – who is a key player in Germany’s leading environment-oriented party?

This is not a joke. This is an immediate danger to the coast and the Baltic Sea.

The background:

Schwedeneck is one of the few German coastal regions with high cliffs, numerous biotopes and several protected species. As part of Eckernfoerde Bay on the Western coast of the Baltic Sea, it belongs to the European NATURA 2000 Fauna-Flora-Habitats (FFH) and thus to an internationally protected nature reserve. Thousands of tourists enjoy the beaches of Schwedeneck every year, many of them coming to the villages of Schwedeneck for surfing, kiting and other water sports. Thousands of people from nearby Kiel (capital city of the German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein) enjoy day trips to and weekends in this untouched nature resort. The local population builds its existence on tourism and organic farming.

Schleswig – Holstein Pétrole

All this is now to be sacrificed to the profit mentality of DEA AG, an international oil exploration and production company, with the personal blessing of the environment minister of Schleswig-Holstein, Dr. Robert Habeck.

Habeck, who paradoxically belongs to the “Green Party” (Bündnis 90 / Gruene), has granted DEA the license to exploration and production of hydrocarbons despite a high level expertise from his own governmental department, which concludes that the factual situation of nature and wildlife conservation in Schwedeneck rules out any plans for drilling for oil. There is now the imminent risk that minister Habeck will use his political power to give the final go-ahead for drilling – and this would be the end of Schwedeneck and its natural beaches.

The dangers to Schwedeneck:

When DEA AG indeed starts drilling for oil, the entire region will die. The beaches and holiday resorts will directly border with an industrial plant generating noise and polluting air. Ground and drinking water for the entire region are in immediate danger of long-term exposition to pollution. The local population will be deprived of its means of existence, and their children will grow up in a region with heightened risk for cancer.

Beyond the environmental risks of conventional drilling for oil, there is also the palpable danger that DEA AG will apply fracking (hydraulic fracturing) once the small oil field is exploited. Or would the company build an entire industrial infrastructure with installations of pipelines and a train loading station if they did not have a clear but vested interest in the oil-saturated shale source rock which sits just below the reservoir of oil which DEA is targeting initially…

Our appeal:

Dr. Robert Habeck, assume your responsibility as environment minister: Revoke the concessions you personally granted to DEA and deny any further licenses to drill for oil and gas in Schwedeneck and Schleswig-Holstein!”

German online petition against the drilling: http://www.change.org/schwedeneck

Further information (in German): https://haendewegvonschwedeneck.wordpress.com/



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