Keepers of the Coast: a new battle at Loctudy

At Loctudy, the piling or disposal of the sea bed extracted through the dredging of Loctudys and Lesconils ports has caused a backwash. The piling rejects a thick mud which has difficulty dispersing as well as the macro-waste from the ports on the sea bed of Natura 2000 zone. The long term battle led only by the langoustine fishermen, they are joined today by Frédéric, a Keeper of the Coast, with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.


keepers of the coastThe sea bed extracted through the dredging of the Loctudy and Lesconcil ports is not liable to be disposed of out to sea, and even less so in a Natura 2000 Zone. The mud too thick to disperse, causing asphyxiation of the seabed preventing photosynthesis; the langoustines find themselves literally mummified on the spot by this mud. The problem doesn’t stop there, because piling is indeed known to contribute to the transfer of pollutants and these are boat engines, tires and other macro-waste derived from the dredging of the port, which are found in the nets of fishermen. The piling is strongly suspected of polluting the Natura 2000 zone “Roches de Penmarch”.

Between an asphyxiated ecosystem, langoustines buried alive by the mud being too compact, and macro-waste being transferred from ports to the open sea, the analysis is alarming!


The piling is an operation that occurs only if the seabed extracts are healthy; otherwise the materials are deposited onshore in areas provided for this purpose. The dredging is not in question; the battle here concerns the piling of the sludge transporting macro and micro pollutants.

Surfriders demands through the Keeper, Frédéric, are simple:

  • Get an impact study of piling operations on the ecosystem with monitoring the main sources of micro-pollutants, in order to agree upon the best decision in accordance with the results regarding piling off the coast of Loctudy;
  • In anticipation of this study, the Keeper  asks for an application of the precautionary principle with an immediate shutdown of piling in open seas;
  • The Monitoring Committee Loctudy record does not take into account the fishermen the first witnesses in this case: The approach of the Keeper of the Coast asks that all stakeholders are taken into account in a logical concertation.


A petition to immediately stop the piling is available here, you can sign right now. Surfrider Foundation Europe joined with Keeper of the Coast Frédéric, the Bigouden Collective anti-piling, as well as Bretagne Vivante and Water and Rivers, components with Surfrider  of the France Nature Environnement federation.

Alban Derouet, Environmental Editor

Translated by Charlotte Williams

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