Dans cette section, vous trouverez des informations détaillées sur notre approche face aux problèmes de l’environnement côtier. Surfrider Foundation Europe, s’appuie sur un vaste réseau d’experts de la qualité de l’eau, des déchets marins et des aménagements qui nous concerne et qui affecte les générations futures.


Marine Litter

Surfrider aims at reducing 50% of waste flowing into the marine environment by 2020. This goal can be reached if all stakeholders, citizens, industries and decision-makers are committed to the implementation of concrete solutions.

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Water Quality

Since 1990 Surfrider Foundation has been working on water quality issues and their consequences on users’ health. Surfrider has also implemented analytical laboratories in order to increase its knowledge regarding coastal pollution issues.

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Aménagement du littoral

Demographic changes, tourism and leisure development or simply the growing number of residential areas have largely contributed to excessive artificial development which is now threatening the coastline.

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