Marine Litter

Reducing waste at the source


Surfrider aims at reducing 50% of waste flowing into the marine environment by 2020. This goal can be reached if all stakeholders, citizens, industries and decision-makers are committed to the implementation of concrete solutions. Meetings with parliamentarians, participation in international conferences, research, publishing, petitions, etc., all actions aimed at influencing the regulations. Surfrider also develops educational sessions on the issue of marine litter, accessible to the general public and schools.

Understanding the origins of waste

All activities are complemented by an important work of scientific research to better understand the problem of marine litter. By studying the wastewater from the source, assessing them to the oceans by rivers and streams, we aim to find effective solutions to reduce them.

Put pressure on public authorities

Citizen mobilization is our strong message to sent out to political institutions which is what Surfrider is campaigning for through an international lobby. We advocate for qualitative and quantitative goals and ambitions to fight against the scourge.

Increase awareness of citizens

Since the beginning Surfrider Foundation has been undertaking awareness and education actions for citizens across Europe. The aim is to draw attention to the marine litter issue through beach, lake and river clean-ups. Doing hands-on work, every participant becomes aware of how one’s daily actions impact the marine environment.