Start of the action : 15/12/2008


The creation and the development of a marina in the town of Brétignolles-Sur-Mer threaten coastal ecosystems, currents, the rupture of the dune and seabed, as well as marine fauna and flora. Read our open letter HERE!



Since 2001, the town of Brétignolles-sur-Mer launched a construction project for a large marina on the bed of the Normandelière Stream in the area behind the dunes. This comes as a response to the high demand for marina mooring spaces all across France and it is expected to support economic development in the region. The project involves multiple installations: the development of an artificial pleasure port and a marina. In addition, semi-submerged artificial reefs are responsible for securing the entrance to the port. The creation of an aber (valley of water invaded by the sea) and a dock (rectangular basin for the reception artificial racing boats are planned. A landscaped park is also contemplated along the aber. Finally, various urban developments such as the creation of a port access road or parking are also part of the project.



The project would cause numerous impacts on the coastline and the environment, including modifications to currents and the seabed, destruction of the marine fauna and flora, the rupture of the dune range to build a channel allowing boats access to the marina, the destruction of the wetland area and its biotope, the filling of groundwater supplies, the destruction of geological rock strata with explosives, etc.


Since 2008, we affirm our position at various events organized by the association collective with the leading support of the Vendée and Indre-et-Loire chapters. The following associations are also fighting against this project: Local associations La Vigie, CPNS, the National League for the Protection of Birds, France Nature Environment, are mobilizing to alert the population about the impacts of such a project.


Surfrider Europe and France Nature Environment have together filed a legal complaint against the authorisation of the Prefecture for the proposed project.


We ask for a moratorium on this project and restoration of the dune and beach of La Normandeliëre.