Start of the action : 04/04/2012

Closing date of the file : 15/05/2012

Fight won by : Catherine

During the works for the reinstatement of the Embarcadère at La Tranche-sur-Mer, massive vehicles were threatening the already fragile dune by using it for parking and access to the site.

The Keeper and Surfrider contacted the local authorities (the Vendée Council, the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM) for the Vendée Department, the subprefecture of the Vendée, and the Town Hall of La Tranche-sur-Mer) demanding instead the use of an old dock for the circulation and parking of the works vehicles and the crane. After corresponding with us, the authorities gave in to the pressure and confirmed the use of the dock, where vehicle access had previously been prohibited.

There is hence no reason for the works vehicles to circulate on the dune anymore, and by order of the DDTM, the crane has been removed. The dune was very damaged but the situation will have at least stopped aggravating.

Le Gardien