Start of the action : 19/06/2006

Closing date of the file : 01/05/2012

Fight won by : Louis

The interpretations by some towns of the Sustainable Urban Development Plan for Corsica (PADDUC), which is meant to entail reasonable and sustainable coastal development, has contributed to the artificialisation of an already fragile coastline. In Aléria, there were plans for the construction of 322 accommodation units and of a hotel in Mare è Stagnu, an area of outstanding beauty, although according to the law on coastlines, any development on this site would be unlawful.

In June 2008, a gathering was held in which participants asked for the Corsican coastal heritage to be respected and for the law on Coastlines (‘loi Littoral’) to be complied with. On the 7th, 8th and 9th of February 2012, the island’s mayors met during a seminar with the aim of determining and clarifying the difficulties in the implementation of the law on Coastlines. For further information go to the section ‘Ongoing Keepers of the Coast Cases’ in the chapter ‘Mediterranean Sea’ above.

On the 10th of May 2012, the administrative court of Bastia ruled against the town and declared the land use plans for Aléria void. The natural area of Mare è Stagnu was saved, and the 322 accommodation units will not be built… for now.

Le Gardien

Louis, the former Keeper of the Coast against the PADDUC, was a member of the Corsica Local Chapter, which doesn’t exist anymore.