Start of the action : 13/02/2008

Closing date of the file : 30/04/2012

Fight won by : Matthew

In February 2008, the marina pier extension in the town of Höganäs, Sweden, represented a direct threat for the Mölle Wave. The Swedish Chapter contacted us then to inform us of the threat and their determination to preserve this spot popular with many surfers.

They organised demonstrations in the town and the ‘Save Mölle Open’ surfing competition, which all received coverage in the local press. The aim was to denounce the disappearance of the wave and to ensure that the opinion of water sports activists was taken into account. A meeting with the local authorities went ahead.

The courts examined the dossier and eventually ruled in favour of the preservation of the Mölle wave. It is now considered an important provider of leisure activities whilst representing an ancestral cultural and natural heritage.

Le Gardien

Matthew is the representative of the SFE Gothenburg chapter.

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