Start of the action : 04/04/2012

Fight won by : Arnaud

Ocean Initiatives 2012: The Morbihan Chapter discovers a serious case of pollution in the Bay of Pont Mahé. At the end of the waste collections, the unanimous observation is that 95% of the waste found stems from the shellfish farming industry, which is very unusual. The Bay of Pont Mahé is enclosed by oyster parks; it faces west and is very deep, which is why it attracts impressive amounts of marine waste.

The Keeper of the Coast, Arnaud, is a member of the SFE Morbihan Chapter and is also supported by the SFE Loire-Atlantique Chapter in all of his actions. With the help of the Regional Committee for Shell Farming of the Sud Loire Department, he carries out an analysis of the litter collected during the organised clean-ups to assess the scope of said pollution. Raising the awareness of the professionals from the shellfish farming industry and of various organisations concerned with environmental issues and involving them in the planned initiatives will help the success of this campaign. Using the expertise of everyone involved to the full will ensure an effective fight against this pollution. Our Keeper is committed to make the issue of marine litter on the beaches of south Brittany a main concern for all local players.

This is why, leading on from the initiative by the local SFE Finistère Chapter, Arnaud and the local Morbihan Chapter will adhere to the OSPAR protocol* in all of their future beach clean-ups. This means that all of the waste found on the beach will be quantified and categorised by feeding the information into a database, which allows for the identification and quantification of the different types of marine litter.

Le Gardien

Arnaud is the co-representative of the SFE Morbihan Chapter.

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