Start of the action : 16/05/2012

Fight won by : Anonymous

At the port of Capbreton, located in the south Landes Region, sanitation infrastructures and port equipment are obsolete and inadequate, in particular when it comes to the dry docks and the treatment of bilge water. These shortcomings in port maintenance have led to pollution in the waters at the port, and consequently of coastal waters. It has therefore become necessary to direct the port managers’ attention towards the issue and potential solutions.

The Keeper, who prefers to remain anonymous, carried out an audit of the Capbreton Port and observed the following dangerous circumstances:

  • All waste from fish sales at the port is thrown back into the water;
  • The treatment facilities for water issuing from the dry docks and for black water are obsolete and inadequate; It is impossible to carry out visual controls of the water issuing from the dry docks, and the system uses drinking water; There is only one pump available for the lifting of bilge water, which is attached in a very inconvenient place and hence hardly ever used.

To resolve these issues, the Keeper, who is a professional hydrologist, sent out several letters and eventually met with the port manager to suggest solutions. Only his proposition with regards to the treatment of the waste from fish sales was accepted, but nothing has been done about it. We are trying to help the Keeper convince the concerned actors of the necessity to achieve general sanitation standards at the port, preferably by embracing programmes on the management of port environments, such as the ‘ports propres’ (clean ports) programme.

Le Gardien