Start of the action : 16/05/2012

Fight won by : Gabriel

At the origin of this conflict is a seabed mining project spanning an area of 11.7km2, as well as the dredging of loose sediments from the Bilbao River. The second project is illegal because it does not specify all the materials which are to be extracted. The effects of this dredging on the beaches of Arrigunaga and Ereaga could prove to be irreversible.

The Keeper, Gabriel, is an active member of the ‘Abra Bizirik ‘ platform, which fights against the illegal dredging of sand in Getxo. Surfrider teamed up with this platform to elaborate a parliamentary question on the illegality of the dredging in the Bilbao River. Around the same time, the Muskiz city council organised a ‘Sea Week’, where they celebrated their maritime heritage and announced their opposition to any sand extraction in the area.  Pierre-Yves Cousteau, son of the famous Commandant Cousteau, was a special invitee at this event.

Speaking out against this project, the Keeper has participated in meetings and has organised events and demonstrations, trying to mobilise as many members of the ‘surfing community’ as possible around this issue. On the 16th of December 2012, the movement Abra Bizirik Getxoko Plataform invited all citizens who wanted to oppose the project to join them. There was strong mobilisation around the Keeper and the collective as several hundred people turned out to express their opposition to the sand extraction at Getxo.

Le Gardien

Gabriel is a member of the ‘Abra Bizirik Getxoko Plataform‘ movement.

24. 1. Gabriel - Dragage illégal dans la rivière de Bilbao - @ Abra bizirik Getxoko plataform