In 1990, 300 ocean lovers and environmentalists went down the Adour River (France) to denounce high levels of pollution. Particularly, the amount of marine litter found on the coastline. With this event started the Surfrider Coastal Defenders community. Managing over 110 Fights since 2008. Surfrider Costal Defenders is a program dedicated to protect the ocean, waves, and beaches from local threats in coastal communities. All through a collective platform of engaged volunteers, spreading throughout Europe and since recently Australia.

Our mission? Raise awareness: The coastline is suffering from degradation and under pressure of human impacts; exposed to marine litter, chemical or bacterial pollution, development and many other threats. That is why Surfrider Foundation Europe has started a coastal protection network since 1992.

Our Goal? Once we’ve raised awareness among citizens, we support them to take action. We are convinced that each and every one of us can do their bit and we can all make a difference.

How? Surfrider Foundation provides its means of action through C.A.R.E:  Conservation Activism Research and Education. With one goal, turning your reports about threats into actions to protect the coastline. Giving you all the support you need. The idea is to allow citizens to get engaged in activism that meets the organization’s objectives. To fight for our common goal: coastline preservation.

Take Action!

You’ve noticed a threat to the marine or coastal environment? Let us know through our REPORT button. Once approved we’ll ask if you or anyone involved in that area would like to solve this threat. With full support from our team of coastal experts. Get in touch, so we can act together.