Début du combat : 15/03/2017

Since years, there is a conflict of interest between practitioners of nautical activities and professional fishermen. Two boats from the Aquitaine coast are particularly concerned, the "Puma" for the Arcachon area and the "Chipiron" for the Capbreton area. These two boats practice from 1 May to 30 October an intensive and dangerous fishing for all users of the coast. The technique used has already claimed victims, including surfers who were surrounded by nets.

To catch the fish and trap it, these boats deposit one end of the net on the sand bay, then at very high speed they make a spiral and go towards the shore along the surf at a few meters and "encircle" the Fish. The problem that in the trap, there can also be fishermen on foot, surfers, walkers, ... Two boats for a lot of nuisance ... This technique is not only dangerous but also has a devastating impact on the aquatic environment and, in this case, the bar population. This species is threatened with extinction and these boats plundering the resource without allowing time for it to regenerate. Physical nuisances (noises, odors) and environmental pollution have been the subject of several complaints and handrails that have been deposited by the seaside resorts as well as the Surf Federation. To this day, all this remains unanswered ... Faced to this threat on environment as well as on users.

Faced to the general inaction of the competent institutions and authorities, Philippe Garcia, in love with its coastline and fishing, is invested with all possible energy to stop these actions. He launched a petition, alerted the media. If his fight high, bears on the Aquitaine coast, it touches far beyond. Beyond actions of local awareness and discussions, he chose to launch a “Guardian of the Coast” fight to give even more scope to his fight.

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