Début du combat : 08/08/2018


Surfrider Foundation Europe partnered with Alianza Mar Blava to fight 7 oil companies supporting a major research project named "Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant", also known as MEDSALT-2. The alliance requested our support in communication mobilization and European law advice. Oil prospections and drilling are a direct threat to the Mediterranean coast, their users, and wildlife. 

“It is an opportunity for the scientific community to share objectives, data, expertise and tools with industry since there is considerable interest in oil and gas exploration, and consequent hazards, targeting the deep salt deposits.”1 

The phrase above summarizes the reasons for our action. The research project, "Uncovering the Mediterranean salt giant", also known as MEDSALT-2, poses a direct threat to the Balearic Sea.  

Our aim is to stop future oil prospections, prevent damage caused by air guns and prevent future oil spills by promoting strong legislation.

Chronologie des faits

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