Start of the fight : 15/03/2017

In recent years, there has been a conflict of interest between nautical and professional fishermen. Two boats from the Aquitaine coast are particularly concerned, the "Puma" for the Arcachon area and the "Chipiron" for the Capbreton area.


These two vessels practice from May 1 to October 30, an intensive and dangerous fishing for all users of the coast. The technique they're using already made some "victims", including surfers who found themselves surrounded by nets. These ships put a piece of wire on the sand of the baïne, at a very high speed to surprise the fish and trap it, then they draw a spiral and then darken towards the shore, which follow surfers from a few meters, and finally they quickly "encircle" the fish. The problem is obviously that surfers can also be trapped in the net, which represents a real danger for them.

In addition, this technique has a bad impact on the marine environment, and more especially the populations of bars. This species is threatened with extinction because the vessels are looting the resource without giving it time to regenerate.

The physical nuisances (noises, smells) and respect for the environment have been reported by the seaside resorts and also by the Surf Federation in 2015, which filed complaints on multiple occasions.


Philippe Garcia, who is deeply attached to his coastline and to fishing, invested himself with all the energy possible to stop these actions. He launched a petition, alerted the media and raised his fight which, even if it is located on the Aquitaine coast, touches well beyond than this area. Beyond actions of local sensitization, of discussions, of rallying to his cause, he was chosen to built a coastal defenders' file to give even more amplitude to his fight.


To this day, a decree of June 26, 2006, indicates that the laying and the presence of all net are prohibited from June 1st to September 30th from 8am to 8pm, along the coast of the department of Landes and Pyrénées Atlantiques in an area located between the limit of water at the moment considered at 300 meters towards the sea ".

A second order has just indicated that the speed is limited to 5 knots in the 300m band, and that this area is reserved for bathers, surfers, water sports practitioners and passersby. Nautical vehicles are authorized but in a trajectory the most possible perpendicular to the shore.

The owner of the Chipiron claims that he owns an authorization from the delegation of the sea and coastline.

An investigation has been opened to the prosecutor of Dax since November 2018.


We want to restore security, so that all surfers and bathers can freely enjoy the beaches of Capbreton without having a fishing boat putting their lives in danger. These activities are illegal and they have to be condemned.

Le Gardien


Photo Philippe Garcia

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