Start of the fight : 08/07/2008

Closing date of the file : 09/09/2008

Fight won by : Ellen

On Cabaniou conservation area, one notes the constant dumping of rubble, asphalt and other demolition materials.

An inhabitant of Saint Martin de Seignanx alerted us of rubble, asphalt and other demolition materials being dumped on Cabaniou conservation area. We received pictures and his letters addressed to the Prefecture and the Ministry of Environment. In order to solve this matter, this person had unsuccessfully tried to contact the Town Hall on many occasions. As we could establish that this dump was a violation of the environment code, Surfrider – eager to protect a conservation area – sent a postal order to the Town Hall. To date, we received no reply but we are confident that the Town Hall will be anxious to solve this issue.

On August 12th, 2008, the Mayor informed us that a complaint had been lodged against the dump of rubbles. He also specified us that the Municipality was waiting for the seizure of the Public prosecutor which would decide on the opportunity or not of legal proceedings according to the notice of the Inspector of the classified Installations. He guaranteed that he was going to inform us about follow up actions of the case.
Besides, we transferred the case to another environmental association and the issue was settled.

Le Gardien


July 2008: Several letters are sent to the Minister for the Environment and the Prefecture with regards to the discovery of a discharge consisting of rubble, bitumen, and other demolition materials at the protected site in Cabaniou. Highlighting that this discharge constitutes a breach of environmental law, SFE commissions a letter to the Town Council aiming to remedy this situation and to trigger a response from the commune.

August 2008: Response from the Town Council informing us that charges have been brought against the rubble discharge. The commune is awaiting the opinion from the prosecuting attorney who will decide whether or not it is possible to undertake judicial proceedings as this depends on the report by the inspector of classified installations.

Chronologie des faits

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