Start of the fight : 04/07/2008

Closing date of the file : 06/12/2011

Fight won by : Surfrider Foundation Europe

The ship Euréka is accused of being the cause of an 500m long oil slick. This pollution was discovered July 3, 2008, by an aircraft of the Maritime Police Hyères, off the coast of Porquerolles in the area of ecological protection.

Surfrider Foundation Europe and 4 other associations for the protection of the environment represented civil parties. The trial of the ship Eurika took place before the Tribunal of Marseille June 19. The judge’s decision was issued Sept. 2, 2009. The judges sentenced the captain and co-owner with a fine of 700 000 Euros. It is a victory for the Surfrider Foundation and the other associations who continue to actively fight against the thugs of the sea. The application of maritime environmental law must be the most effective as possible in a context where such behaviors are too often unpunished. It is necessary to bring the perpetrators of discharges towards their responsibilities if we want to improve the state of our oceans.

Le Gardien

Surfrider Foundation Europe


July 2008: Discovery of the pollution by a coastguard airplane from the town of Hyères off the coast of Porquerolles in an ecological protection zone. SFE and four other associations for environmental protection file civil action suits.

June 2009: Lawsuit against the vessel Euréka at the Marseille Tribunal de Grande Instance (District High Court).

September 2009: The judges jointly sentence the captain and the owner to a €700,000 fine. However, the defence appeals against the first instance judgment, and another trial is scheduled.

6th of December 2011: The captain and the owner are acquitted by the appellate court on the grounds that the oil spill was too far away from the incriminated ship.

Chronologie des faits

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